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What to Look for in a Clean Hair Care Line

We would all love to be more eco-friendly without having to give up our favorite products and treatments — right?! Not long ago, searching for all natural products was nearly impossible, but now many of the industry’s best brands are producing environmentally...

Two Ways to Reduce Water Waste at Your Salon

Let’s face it, due to the nature of our business, we use a ton of water each and every day. The cost of our water usage doesn’t come cheap, and while we’re not asking you to stop shampooing your guests, wasting water does take a toll on both the environment and on our...

There’s Power in Going Paperless

Take a moment to think about all of the paper products you use in just one day at the salon.  You might start the morning by printing schedules for your stylists as well as a handful of consultation forms for first-time guests. Then, you prepare a pot of coffee that...