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There is so much value in having your stylists’ bios on your website. One of the reasons for that is, it’s typically the second most-visited pages on a salon website! It’s also an awesome opportunity to increase your SEO. (more on that in future conversations)

Did you know?
Over 80% of the people visiting your salon website are not yet guests of your salon. Huge opportunity!  Future-guests are wondering two things.

  1. Is this the right salon for me?
  2. Which stylist should I book my first appointment with?

How to Start
When creating your stylists’ bios, consider what things matter most to future guests, but ALSO think about what your stylists are hoping for in THEIR future guests!

Here’s an example of a unique stylist bio:


  1. We are simplifying the experience of learning about Marissa. It’s not a paragraph about her. It’s a fun, well designed, overview.
  2. We list just her top three strengths behind-the-chair.
  3. We share some fun things about her.
  4. We share whom SHE would love to work with–so as to match expectations right from the start.
  5. We include social proof in the form of personalized testimonials.
  6. We include a link to her Instagram hair page! Pro-Tip: Make sure it tabs over so people aren’t take completely off your website.

We include MEET YOUR SLTYIST as the call-to-action for those previewing her page. Smart!

Download our editable doc that will help you create unique bios for your stylists!

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