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In need of a new digital marketing strategy but not sure where to look? We’ve got you covered.

There are so many innovative marketing add-ons that can fuel your salon’s already successful advertising strategies. Our favorite? Meet Your Stylist of course!

As you know, Meet Your Stylist is a client conversion tool that matches your potential clients up with their perfect stylist on your salon team.

One of the many perks to partnering with Meet Your Stylist is that you get to create your own unique URL that can be plugged into any and all of the marketing you’re already doing.

Market Your Salon’s Survey on Social

Link your clients to your salon’s Meet Your Stylist survey on your social platforms for increased engagement.

The beauty behind marketing your survey on social is that the call-to-action is quite compelling. Instead of prompting your clients to simply like or comment on your post, you’re encouraging them to click-through in order to take this fun, easy and accurate survey that’s all about them. 

Think Buzzfeed, but better.

Put a Little Money Behind Your Meet Your Stylist Survey

While Meet Your Stylist does tend to perform well even in organic posts, you can also put Meet Your Stylist in your paid promotions to capture new leads.

Put out a Facebook ad featuring your salon’s survey in order to get in front of a new audience and watch those surveys start rolling in. 

You’ll have accumulated names and emails of dozens of potential new clients and you can continue to market to them until they schedule an appointment at your salon.

Get Candid with Your Clients Via Email

How about those clients you haven’t seen in a while? Get them back in by offering a new opportunity, “Schedule your next appointment with your perfect stylist.”

It’s okay to get candid with these clients because it’s clear that something about their first appointment didn’t exactly line up with their initial expectations. Acknowledge that, and offer to set them up with another stylist on your salon team via the Meet Your Stylist survey.

Not only will this show your clients that you truly have that “team” atmosphere at your salon, but it will also help them to see that they’re not only allowed to see someone else on your salon team, they’re encouraged!

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