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Have you ever considered having your salon participate in sponsorships? Sponsorships can add tremendous value to your marketing efforts, and they give you new opportunities to promote your salon business.

What exactly is a sponsorship? A sponsorship means you are financially contributing to an event, an organization or cause. This can be in the form of cash, gift cards or product packages.

Now, you shouldn’t agree to be a sponsor to every person who asks, but the right sponsorship can be valuable! Here are three reasons why you should consider having your salon become a sponsor.

1. You get good publicity for a small investment.
Sponsorships are generally a very affordable marketing tactic, usually you are given sponsorship levels to choose from. So, you could pick a local charity that’s important to you and become a sponsor. Charity sponsorships not only build awareness, but it connects your brand with a good cause. Good publicity will only help your salon’s reputation!

2. You can show off new products, services and achievements!
Sponsorships are also a great way to either announce or promote new products, services, or recent awards from your salon. This could be a brand-new product you are now carrying or a new certification you recently achieved. Or, even an award – like “Best Salon for Color” in your market. Plus, sponsorships usually are an easy way to get in front of new people who haven’t heard about your salon.

3. It can be mutually beneficial.
Sponsorships help both parties involved, especially if it’s more of a business sponsorship than a charity one. For example, Meet Your Stylist is a sponsor of the Beyond The Technique  podcast. They get a sponsor, and we get our brand mentioned to thousands of followers on a weekly basis. Win-win!

Next time you get offered a chance to become a sponsor, take some real time to consider the potential benefits!  For more salon marketing tips, sign up for our emails or follow us on FacebookInstagram and YouTube!