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Do you have a salon blog? If not, you might be missing out on some major benefits. If so, great! We want to encourage you to drive more traffic to your Meet Your Stylist survey through your blog, and we are going to show you some great examples.

The benefits of blogging are many! Some include:

  • Increased SEO // which leads to increased website traffic.
  • Viewed as an Industry Authority // you’re the salon who educates & has the expertise.
  • Content Creation for days // you can use the information from your blog–in bits & pieces–to share throughout social media. One blog could generate 5+ posts!

Include Meet Your Stylist as the Call-to-Action
Similar to the social media rule, we also want to include a call-to-action in our blogs.

  1. Meet Your Stylist is the best call-to-action for blogs because you are able to engage with future guests in an intimate way–because your Meet Your Stylist survey is all about them.
  2. It provides a next step and future solution for their current needs. Check out this blog as an example!
  3. It allows you to capture their contact information!  They very well may book online right away, but think about this:

What if they book right away but decide to cancel?

Things happen. If I book today on the spot, I might realize later that I have my kid’s soccer game and then I have to call to cancel. Sure, I might reschedule, but how many people do not?

According to our guest service team members about 30% of them do not rebook on the spot. That’s 30 out of 100 people that don’t get set up again!

We want to make sure we have their contact information so we can consistently market to them. This means we consistently communicate with them and get our brand in front of them.

Meet Your stylist allows you to start email marketing and text messaging campaigns to your leads. Huge! The goal then is, when they are ready to get their hair done, they think of us and come into our salon.

Start Blogging

There are many more benefits to blogging and it can be much easier than you think! If starting a blog is something you’ve not done but would like to start, please connect with us and we can guide you!

Email and we will personally consult with you & your marketing team.