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Let’s talk about Instagram captions.

Raise your hand if you’ve posted a stunning hair photo like this one with a caption like, “Copper balayage ❤️” or “Sweet like honey ?” or “Pumpkin spice and everything nice ?” … ?‍♀️

We get it. Instagram is hard work and sometimes you just want to post the photo and move on with your day. But the truth is, your Instagram captions matter, and they could be doing WAY more for your salon business.
So, the next time you post an hair photo on Instagram, we want you to ask yourself, “What does this caption do for my business?”
What goal does this caption achieve? Does it drive NEW guests to my salon? Does it encourage current guests to get on the books?
Now, the short and sweet answer in reference to the examples above is… nothing. This kind of caption isn’t doing any work for you, but we can fix that by adding a call-to-action.

Add a Call-to-Action to Your Instagram Captions

What is a call-to-action? Let’s go back to the hair photo. This gorgeous hair photo was posted by our friends at Be Inspired Salon with the caption:
“It’s starting to feel like fall—who’s ready for crisp chilly mornings and all of the cozy sweaters? ???
We’re so excited about the transition into fall colors! Check out this gorgeous copper balayage by @thewisconsinhairdresser ?
Giving us the pumpkin spice latte vibes of our dreams ☕️
Are you ready to embrace the change of seasons? Want to see if Anna is the perfect stylist for you? Head to the link in bio to take our Meet Your Stylist survey and we’ll match you up with the best stylists for your hair goals!”
Did they still include a little quip about which type of coffee this hair color most closely resembles? They sure did! But they didn’t stop there. They included a call-to-action, instructing potential clients to take their Meet Your Stylist survey!

Create a Digital Sales Funnel for Your Salon Business

By including a CTA like this, you’re encouraging your potential guest to take the next step in the booking process, walking them through your digital sales funnel step-by-step.
And the best part? When that potential guest fills our your salon’s Meet Your Stylist survey, you’re able to capture all of their information, including name, phone number, email address AND their top three stylist matches at your salon so that you can continue to market to them directly!
Are you ready to drive MORE business to your salon though Instagram? Click here to partner with us, today.