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Are you differentiating your services from those of your closest competitors? If not, it’s time to start!

We’re used to thinking of competition in a negative light, but it can actually be good for your business. Not every client is perfect for every salon, which is why it’s important to have some distinction between the services that you provide compared to those of your neighbor.

Sure, you’re both probably going to provide your basic cut and color, but what are your specialties?

Three Ways to Make Your Salon Stand Out from the Competition

Be specific about the services you offer

What are the services that your stylists love performing? What hair types are your team members the most passionate about working with?

If your stylists love working with naturally textured hair, create some specialty services for your curly girls and really hone in on that target market.

If your team loves doing bridal hair and make-up, put together an amazing bridal package and start booking out all of your Saturday’s in the summer months.

Be intentional about the products you carry

Next, you’ve got to align your products with your passions.

If you’re looking to take the cake on curls, you’ve got to start stocking your shelves with the all of the rich, moisture-loving products you can find.

If you’re going all in with your bridal packages, you’ll have to find some seriously strong-hold hairspray so no pieces fall astray on the bride’s big day.

Get serious about the services you won’t perform

Now that you’ve figured out what you want to specialize in at your salon, it’s time to cut the fat when it comes to the services you won’t perform. 

You’ve got your hands full with curly clients and bridal parties, and you simply can’t handle having clients dropping in randomly for mani pedis whenever they so please. So, stick to what you know. 

Let’s face it, you simply can’t offer every service under the sun. And even if you could, there’s no way that you would be the best at all of them. Be honest and upfront about the services you won’t be offering at your salon so that you can focus on what matters most.

The possibilities are endless, so think about the people, products and services that your team are the most passionate about and find your niche!

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