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Who loves feeling special? Answer: everyone! Aside from needing a haircut, many people go to the salon to get pampered and feel special. As a salon owner, you have ample opportunities to take advantage of that special feeling people seek at salons and turn it into more profit for your business.

Exactly how can you do that? With a VIP Program! VIP Programs are valuable for three main reasons:

1) Additional Service.

VIP Programs provide an additional service to your clientele. A service that makes them feel like they are a part of an exclusive group, which they are!

2) Client Loyalty.

A VIP Program will help build client loyalty and improve your customer experience. Similar to reason number one, once a client is a part of this program, they feel more connected to your salon.

3) More Profit.

It helps improve your bottom line. By having a VIP Program, it will encourage members to return more often to your salon for a variety of services they may not have received before becoming a member. And if you structure your program strategically, it will help you sell more product!

At my salon, Be Inspired Salon, we have an exclusive VIP Program. Our guests pay an annual fee to be a part of our program, and each month we run a special that is only available to them. This makes our guests feel special because no one else will receive that offer, and it entices them to check in with us monthly to see what special we are running – which often leads to product sales. It’s a win for everyone!

If you are interested in starting a VIP Program at your salon, but need a little more direction, email us at  We’re happy to help!

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