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We’ve reached the end of our three-part series dedicated to the top sales mistakes salon owners and stylists may not realize they are making. If you’ve been following along, we’ve recently posted parts one and two, and today we are wrapping it up with the final sales mistake.

Before we dive into part three, I want to give you a quick recap on the first two sales mistakes. The first sales mistake is not asking for the sale! Sometimes, we forget that the easiest way to get what we want is to ask for it! Not many people enjoy being in sales, but if you’re in the beauty industry and a good portion of your revenue relies on retail, then you need to get comfortable asking for a sale. For more tips on how to ask for that sale, check out part one of this series.

The second sales mistake you may not realize you’re making is failing to listen. We often get too eager at the beginning of an appointment and fail to take a pause and really listen to what our clients need. By becoming an active listener, you not only improve your customer service, but also identify services and products your clients need – helping you increase your sales record! For more tips on how to become a better listener, check out part two of this series.

Alright, now on to the third and final sales mistake!

Mistake #3: Failure to Follow Up

This might be the biggest of all the mistakes from this series. It can be easy to ask for a sale and listen to your client when they are in the salon, but we often fail to follow up after they leave the salon, and that is a big mistake! Not only are we in the business of sales, we are also in the business of building relationships, and a big part of that requires consistent communication between salon appointments. By following up with your clients, you are demonstrating that you care about their experience and their hair and beauty needs. Reaching out in between appointments adds an extra level of customer service.

It’s important to check in with clients who have booked and bought product before, because you need to continue to build the relationship and keep them as a client. You should also reach out to clients who have booked services, but have not bought product, because you want them to continue to book and buy products the next time they have a need. And lastly, you want to reach out to potential new clients who have never been to your salon!

How do you manage that last one? With Meet Your Stylist! By using the Meet Your Stylist survey tool, you can collect contact information from potential new clients and start to reach out and encourage them to book at your salon – increasing your sales and revenue!

How to Follow Up with Your Salon Clients

Getting in the habit of following up with your clients doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some easy ways to stay in touch and close that sale!

  1. Send an email! Better yet, provide them with your email and let them know they can reach out if they have any questions. But don’t wait for your client to reach out, make sure to email them, too! Ask them how they like their new hair style and see how their new products are working for them. If they haven’t bought, send a reminder of the products that would be helpful for them to use.
  2. Give them a call! Don’t be afraid to give your clients a call after an appointment to see how they are doing or if they are ready to book their next appointment. And, if your client ever gives you a call with a question or concern, make sure to get back to them as soon as possible! Same goes for email!
  3. Send a card or letter! Get creative and go old school with some snail mail. You can send a card thanking them for being a client. Or, if you have a salon promotion coming up that you know would benefit a particular client, send them a note or a promotional flyer to let them know you are looking out for their best interest!

I hope you’ve found this three-part series to be useful! Sales are a necessary part of running a salon business, and the faster you and your team can become comfortable in that sales role, the better! And for more salon marketing tips, sign up for our emails or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!