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Hello again!

We’re onto part four of our monthly mini-series “All About Events” and this week we want to cover events with partnering businesses, because who doesn’t love putting fun events together for their clients, right?!

But, sometimes you need a little extra help in order to make your events feel special–that’s where partnerships come in!

Earlier this month we discussed the opportunity to create some competition by hosting a Cut-A-Thon at your salon. Then we focused on loving on your clients with a client appreciation party, and last week we chatted about all-staff events

Now, it’s time to partner up for an extra special in-salon event!

Tip #4: Swing Your Partner Round and Round

What could possibly more special than partnering with another local favorite and offering exclusive deals and discounts to both businesses?

There are so many possibilities for potential partnerships, but the key is to think of your target clientele and where else they might already be shopping.

Perfect Potential Partners for Your Next Event:

That trendy tapas restaurant downtown

You could host an in-salon event with wine and cheese pairings from your favorite local restaurant. 

Clients could purchase tickets for a fun Friday night outing at your salon where you treat them to specialty services and some light refreshments!

The neat yoga studio up the street

You could host an off-site event at your favorite local yoga studio where your potential clients get to participate in an exclusive fitness class. 

Afterwards, you can get everybody together in the tea lounge for some post-relaxation socializing and do some giveaways for complementary services redeemable at your salon!

That adorable boutique shop in the mall

You could host a “Girls Night Out” event at your salon and encourage your favorite ladies to bring a friend and enjoy this exclusive shopping experience! 

One ticket buys them one specialty service of their choice, special occasion make-up, a blowout or thermal style– you name it– and then they can shop this special sale. 

Pro Tip: Offer select value-based deals and discounts on your own retail products as well to up your retail game!

The new spa opening up next week

You could put together a full-service relaxation station, with your staff offering specialty services such as hair masks and scalp facials while the local spa technicians do full-body massages, acupuncture, aromatherapy sessions, and the works!

Not a med-spa? Partner with one! You could also focus on esthetics and have your stylists doing waxes, brow-shaping, eyelash-tinting, with the med-spa offering other specialty services like filler and injections!

The possibilities are endless!

Hosting an event like this is the perfect opportunity to get in front of potential clients who are already associated with some of the other amazing local businesses and brands in your city.

Not to mention, networking within your local community is so much fun and it’s always good to build those connections!

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