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Who doesn’t love getting a thoughtful thank you? Especially if it comes from someone you didn’t expect to send you one, like your hair salon!

At my salon, Be Inspired Salon in Madison, WI, we put in the extra effort to send our clients handwritten thank-you notes after they have referred a new client to our salon.

Why do we do this? For many reasons! First, it shows our clients that we really appreciate them and their referrals. Second, it’s a great way to promote our referral program. And third, it’s an easy marketing win that doesn’t take a lot of resources – only kind words!

Don’t have a referral program? Don’t worry, it doesn’t even have to be a thank-you! There are endless reasons you could send a handwritten note – you can even encourage your stylists to send custom notes after appointments with their regular clients. Below is a list of occasions to send a handwritten note to your clients.

  • “Client Anniversary” – send a note to a longtime client, perhaps after 5 years of getting their hair done with you.
  • Birthdays – wish your clients a happy birthday!
  • A recent engagement or wedding anniversary.
  • A major milestone – finishing a marathon, getting a new job, having a baby, etc.
  • Condolences – never fun, but always appreciated.

Taking the extra effort to send a handwritten note is the kind of top notch customer service that will help your salon stand out from the competition. For more salon marketing tips, sign up for our emails or follow us on FacebookInstagram and YouTube!