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We’ve all been taught that it’s important to stay humble. But, that doesn’t always apply to your salon’s marketing! Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of showing off your salon’s accolades and how you can make it work for your salon.

First, what counts as an accolade? This could be awards your salon has won, such as “Best Bridal Hair Salon” in your market or city. This could also be any certifications that your stylists or salon have received, like becoming certified with a particular brand, such as Goldwell hair color.

Second, it’s okay to brag! If you have plaques or certifications, make sure they are prominently displayed in your salon. And every time you receive an award, or one of your stylists becomes master certified in a certain area – tell people about it! You could sponsor a post on Facebook or Instagram, send out an email to your client list, and even take out an ad for it!

Why should you brag? Because it will set you apart from your competition, especially if you offer niche services such as bridal hair and makeup, curly hair, or color! People will do research before they decide on a salon. It takes a lot of trust to go to a new salon, and it WILL make your clients feel more confident in their choice if they see that you have proven credibility and experience in the services you offer.

Showing off can also help recruit better talent! If you have a superior education program that provides your stylists with opportunities to receive additional education and certifications, you should talk about it! If you are constantly providing support and encouragement for your stylists to improve their craft and career, you want to make sure that information is out there and well known. First, this will help keep your current talent since they feel valued and have opportunities to grow at your establishment. Second, it can be used as a strong recruiting point next time you need to hire! That’s a win-win!

Big takeaway: Seize the marketing opportunity behind your salon’s accomplishments. You deserve it!

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