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Why do we avoid face-to-face professional networking? There are a lot of excuses – not enough time, it makes us feel uncomfortable, we don’t know where to go, there are easier tactics – I could go on. Don’t let those excuses hold your business back, networking is extremely important! Here are the top three reasons why business networking is an absolute must to build a strong marketing strategy for your salon.

1)  You meet important business professionals in your community.

Ambitious professionals are always striving to improve, and one way to do this is by networking. When you join a local business group, you will meet other like-minded professionals and have the chance to learn from them.

2)  You can build authentic relationships with those business professionals.

This is the goal of joining business groups. When you network, you are setting yourself up to build authentic relationships with people in your community. These are people who you can learn from, but also collaborate with. For example, you could establish a relationship with another small business owner, say someone who owns small coffee shop. You can support their business by serving their coffee at your salon, while they promote your services at their café. That’s a win-win! Little partnerships like that can go a long way and can help you build strong ties within your community.

3)  You can promote your salon business.

Now, you don’t want to come off as the annoying salesman, but when you are involved in local business groups, it becomes a natural conversation topic. Being a part of a local group helps you get involved in your community, while bringing positive awareness to your salon. You never know what opportunities might present themselves to get your salon noticed or connections to partnerships that you never imagined!

The bottom line: don’t be afraid to network in-person! It will open doors for your salon business, guaranteed. Even if you can only attend an event once a month, it will be worth the effort.

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