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In any beginner marketing class, you learn that you can’t sell to everyone. This is so true, especially as a small business owner. Competition is fierce out there, and it’s always good practice to carve out a section of the industry you are in and do it really well. The same thing goes for salons! A great way to grow your salon business is by identifying your niche – and then being the best in your market at it!

We are fortunate that there are a lot of areas where you can specialize in the hair and beauty industry. For example, you can do cut, extensions, color, curly hair, bridal, waxing, nails…the  list goes on. As a salon owner, it’s important to ask yourself what you (and your team) are really good at. What inspires you? What type of work motivates you? What type of work ignites your flames and makes you (and your stylists) excited to come to work?

This doesn’t have to be just ONE thing, but it shouldn’t be ALL the things. For example, at my salon – Be Inspired Salon – we specialize in bridal hair and makeup, curly hair, and hair color. Of course, we offer many of the other typical services that a salon offers, but we take pride in our specialties. We go above and beyond in our marketing and advertising efforts to make sure we are known in our market as the best place to go for bridal, curly hair, and color!

Once you’ve identified your salon’s niche, it’s important that you start to earn some recognition from outside sources that can add credibility to your claim. For example, at my salon we’ve won awards with:, and we’ve been recognized in Brides magazine. We’ve also been featured in Brava Magazine, and Wisconsin Bride Magazine.

One great way to achieve this recognition is by encouraging your stylists to improve their craft with more education and training. Set up an education fund, or announce upcoming workshops that they could take relating to your salon’s specialty.

Another quick example of this – all of my stylists are “Inspired DevaCurl Cutting Specialists,” which is a title you receive from the DevaCurl company after completing their training program with one of their national educators. We also have more “Master Certified Goldwell Hair Colorists” than any other salon in the greater Madison area – a certification received after traveling to their NYC academy to complete their program. Certifications like these will help you build up your salon’s skill set and be recognized  specialists!

Once you start to earn more certifications and accolades – make sure you are showing them off!  This will help build your reputation in that niche service area.

By finding a niche for your salon, you have the opportunity to grow your business as well as provide direction for your marketing efforts and direction for future business goals!

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