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Home   »   Recruiting and Hiring for Salon Owners: Part 4 – DISC Test

Welcome back to our eight-part series on recruiting and hiring strategies for salon owners! If you’ve been following along, you will know that this is part four! I can’t believe we are already half way through! So far in this series, we have been focusing more on the recruitment side of the hiring process and sharing strategies to help build a recruitment platform so that you always have a list of candidates ready to go when it’s time to hire.

If you haven’t had a chance to read those blogs, or need a refresher, here’s a quick recap of the first part of this series dedicated to recruitment strategies for salon owners.

  1. Build a recruitment page on your salon’s website
  2. Schedule regular visits to beauty schools in your market
  3. Create a recruitment advertising campaign

Salon Hiring Tip: Send the DISC Test

Now that you have some tactics to use to build up a pool of candidates, we are going to shift gears and start sharing tips and strategies for the actual hiring process. We will start off with one of my personal favorite steps in the hiring process that I use at my salon – sending the DISC test!

I personally use the DISC test from Tony Robbins, which is free to use! If you aren’t familiar, the DISC test is a survey that helps people better understand their personality type and behavioral style. I have every candidate take this survey, no matter if they are applying to be a stylist or front desk receptionist. The information I receive from this survey gives me insight into the new candidate and helps me properly position them within the salon, while also giving me a good sense of the management and training style that will work the best for that new hire.

Like I mentioned above, I send the link to every candidate and ask them to complete the survey and send a screenshot of their results. I find that people in this industry are either task-oriented or people-oriented. If they are people-oriented, they tend to be awesome at sales and rebooking clients. If they are more task-oriented, they tend to be awesome at technique.

All are good qualities to have, and most people tend to have a combination of each. Either way, the DISC test is a great tool to gain insight into whether a potential candidate will make a good fit for your salon. As I mentioned in the first part of this series, hiring and onboarding new staff is time consuming and expensive, so using tactics like the DISC test can help you eliminate candidates earlier in the process before you spend more time interviewing and training.

If you haven’t tried it already, I encourage you to take the DISC test and consider how this useful tool can be integrated into your hiring process.

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