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COURSE BUNDLE: Salon Company Roles & Responsibilities + Compensation Without Losing Your A$$ets

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Learn the corporate structure for salon company roles & responsibilities! This exclusive education is for the salon owner who wants to be the Entrepreneur of their company without feeling a loss of control.

We are going to take you through EVERY SINGLE role title, role mission, role KPI (benchmarks), and the skills they need to have in order to be successful. We are going to share our EXACT list of each of their tasks & responsibilities!

Here are the positions we will cover:

CEO (chief executive officer)

GM (general manager)

Director of Marketing

Social Media Manager

Education Directors

Hair Stylists

Guest Services

Bridal Coordinator

Administration, Finance, & Operations Manager

We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to! You get the full video class and the ENTIRE downloadable guide is included!



Are you wondering how to create a commission structure for your stylists without giving away the farm? Or, how do you know what to pay a full-time salon manager based on your salon’s revenue?

Get full access to this online class and all the class materials, and see how we’ve created a plan for compensation [WITH BENEFITS] that:
*pays the owner six figures
*pays better than other brand-name retailers
*leaves a six percent profit margin so your business is worth buying someday
*doesn’t discourage TEAM (in fact, we will prove that it IS possible to pay commission and have a thriving TEAM culture!)


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