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Welcome back!

We’re diving into our third marketing myth this week to uncover the truth behind the notion that it’s all about the money! Does your price point define who does business with you? It might be a factor in a client’s decision to do business with you, but we’re here to convince you that you can’t put a price on passion.

But before we begin let’s recap: Last week we uncovered the truth behind the myth that you need to be putting out paid ads. Want to learn how to increase engagement without backing your ads? We’ve got all of the information you need to make the most out of your organic posts. 

We also touched on the myth that discounts bring in more business. Did you know that discounts actually devalue your services? When you’re retail sales are down don’t reach for those “% off” signs, instead you should be investing in value-based deals!

Okay, let’s get back on track. This week we’re all about the money! Or are we?

Marketing Myth #3: It’s All About the Money!

Now, hear me out, price point will always play a role in our potential clients’ decision-making process, but did you know that the majority of our clients are actually emotionally driven buyers?

So, what does this mean for you? It means you can feel good about that price increase you might having coming up, because you’re worth it, and if you want your clients to see that, you simply have to remind them.

Ask yourself, “What makes my salon special?” 

Here’s an example: Maybe your salon is big on being green. You should tie that theme into all of your branding. 

  • Make your environmental standards clear in your mission statement. 
  • Boast about the eco-friendly practices you and your team have put in place. 
  • Post about your all natural products on social!

These are just a few of the ways that you can sell that story. Not to mention, in doing so, you’ll attract more clients that align with your brand’s values, and those are the clients that are going to stick with you. 

So, figure out what sets your salon apart. Really dig deep to figure out what makes your team different, and then… market the sh*t out of it! Sell your story and remind your clients that you’re worth that higher price point because of the incredible experience you offer!

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