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Want to create a promising career for all of your stylists, from your proteges to your masters? Make it super easy for them to advance!

We’re not just talking levels but also advancing in their own careers. Make it easy for them to grow into themselves and find their niche.

Assistants and Proteges Are Looking for a Promising Career

New stylists, fresh out on the floor, want to know that they have a promising career ahead of themselves. Your younger stylists want to feel like they chose a salon environment that provides plenty of room to grow. Bonus points if you also offer a road map that details exactly how to get there.

Proteges want to become associates, leads want to become masters, and it’s up to you as the salon owner to show them what it takes to reach that next level. At their next review, show your stylists the specific metrics you’re using to determine their status within your salon. 

Does your protege stylist need to maintain a higher client retention rate before they can advance? Does your lead stylist need to focus on selling more retail per ticket before they can be moved up to that master level? Let them know exactly what they need to succeed and watch them soar!

Your Top Performers Need to Know That There Are No Limits

When it comes to providing robust and rewarding careers for your stylists, you can’t forget about your top performers. Your master stylists need new and exciting too.

Show your stylists that there aren’t any glass ceilings in this career by providing them with ample opportunities to grow and advance beyond “ranks”.

Do you have a master stylist with a passion for teaching? Encourage them to become educators in their favorite cutting or coloring techniques or begin an assistant program and see if they’d be interested in raising their own little protege stylist.

Does your stylist have a flair for the creative? Connect them with your contacts in the fashion world, styling for runways or editorial shoots.

Do you have a stylist with a heart for serving? Partner up with a local or national nonprofit and put those impressive skills to use for a worthy cause.

If you don’t help your stylists grow and advance in their own careers, they’ll eventually outgrow you. In order to secure your best stylists for the long haul, you’ve got to provide them with a salon environment that keeps on giving.

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