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Happy September!

Who’s excited for fall? This season we want to chat all about partnerships, how to find them, how to manage them, and when to quit them. 

Are you interested in partnering up with another business in your area? If you’re looking for the perfect partner, you should start with somebody totally low maintenance.

Tips #1: Invest in Easy-to-Manage Partnerships

Partnerships are the perfect way to add value for your current guests while hopefully attracting some new ones from a neighboring business!

The key to establishing a successful partnership is creating something that’s super easy to manage for both parties.

Your Partner’s Products or Services Should Complement Your Salon Business

You always want to find a partnering business whose products or services complement your business without competing with it. This means that whomever you choose to partner with shouldn’t offer any of the same products or services that you do. 

Of course, the ideal partner still has a similar target market. So, what else do your best clients like to spend their money on? If they’re into fitness, consider partnering with that cool new cycling studio that just opened up around the corner. If they love to get pampered, you might want to see what the massage therapist up the street has to offer. 

There are so many different businesses that your target clients are already shopping, so figure out what they are and start the conversation!

You Want to Pick a Partner With Strong Communication Skills

Once you’ve located a few potential partners, it’s time to get to know the owners or managers that would help you maintain this partnership. The absolute worst mistake you can make when partnering with another local business is choosing somebody who leaves you hanging. 

Ideally, you’ll want to partner with well-run business with great leadership. You want to make sure that at least someone on the other businesses’ team will have your back when it comes to this partnership. You’ll need to nail down the specifics, including the actual deals and discounts you plan to offer one another and the length of time you intend to maintain this partnership.

Finally, You Want to Partner With Somebody Who is Equally as Invested as You Are

You’re both sticking your neck out for one another with the hopes of yielding a decent reward, so it’s important to find somebody who is equally as invested as you are. 

Make sure that you communicate your level of investment, excitement and commitment to this partnership and prompt your partner to do the same. You both need to be on the same page in order to reap the same rewards!

The perfect partner is somebody who is going to compliment your business, be a great communicator and be equally as invested in this relationship, because then you’ll both put in the same amount of work and receive the same great results–it’s a win-win!

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