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Have you heard of Meet Your Stylist Mondays?
Are you looking for a new way to market your talent and drive business to your salon? Welcome to Meet Your Stylist Mondays! This is an opportunity to showcase a new member of your team every week, introducing them to your followers and shining a light on their incredible work!
For example, our salon partners at Lakota Room Salon posted this gorgeous headshot of stylist Sarah with the caption:
“If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our stylist Sarah, you need to book your appointment now!
Fun facts about Sarah are:
  • She loves her two little corgis
  • She was a cheerleader in HS (and is definitely the salon cheerleader!)
  • She was in choir for 7 years
  • She’s a shopaholic and foodie
  • She is a color whiz with balayage and anything blonding!…”
This kind of weekly post gives potential guests the opportunity to learn more about each of the stylists on your team before they decide who they’re ultimately going to see!
Now, you don’t have to be a Meet Your Stylist salon partner to make use of this marketing tactic, but if you want to CONVERT your leads into lifetime clients, you need a proper call-to-action.

What’s a Call-to-Action?

Let’s go back to the example above featuring stylist Sarah. So far, this a super cute post featuring fun facts about Sarah and her work behind the chair. A potential guest might read through this post and think, “Sarah seems super cool, I’d love to learn more!” — now what?

Now it’s time for that call-to-action.

“Does Sarah sound like she might be your salon soulmate? Head to the link in bio to take our Meet Your Stylist survey, today! We’ll match you up with the best stylists on our team for your lifestyle and personality!”

Why Meet Your Stylist Mondays Are So Successful

You’re encouraging your potential guest to take the next step in the booking process, walking them through a digital sales funnel (know, like, trust, buy) step-by-step! And the best part? When that potential guest fills our your survey, you’re able to capture all of their information so that you can continue to market to them directly until they come in to do business with you!
Are you ready to drive MORE business to your salon? Click here to partner with us, today.