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Happy August! 

Can you believe that summer is almost over? You know what that means… Back-to-school cuts and colors galore! Does your salon have any special events planned for the back-to-school season? What other kinds of events do you host at your salon? This month, we’re all about events here at Meet Your Stylist! 

Events are a great way to engage with your clientele outside of your normal cut and color routine. In fact, they create a unique opportunity to open yourself up to the community, even for those who aren’t already receiving your services!

Whether it’s a seasonal celebration or an anniversary party, there are countless reasons to host an event at your salon.

Tip #1: Create Some Competition and Host a Cut-A-Thon

Want to create some competition within your local salon network? How about hosting a Cut-A-Thon!

A cut-a-thon is the perfect opportunity to make some connections within your community, raise money for a worthy cause and gain a little extra publicity for your salon. Want to learn how to set an event up like this at your own salon? Follow these simple steps!

Step 1:

Find a local, community-based charity to partner with for your Cut-A-Thon. Make sure to choose an organization that your community really cares about, not to mention, one that your stylists are proud to support, afterall, you’re asking them to work for free!

Quick Tip: Ask your clients to help you select which local charity to donate all of the event’s proceeds to. It’s the perfect way to build hype around the event while also making sure to choose a charity that your community is truly invested in.

Step 2:

Create some buzz around your event by altering the local press. Not only will a little media coverage bring in more clientele for your Cut-A-Thon, but giving back in this way also shines a positive light on your business. It’s a win-win!

Step 3:

Send out invitations and post about your it on social. Let your clients know about your Cut-A-Thon by sending out an email campaign to your salon’s subscribers, slip some printed invitations into their retail bags after purchase and post about your event on all of your social media platforms to spread the word.

Step 4:

Recruit a couple of stylists from your team to provide their services at the event and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Step 4.5:

Want to raise some extra funds? Not everyone in attendance will necessarily want a haircut, so consider selling some refreshments during the event for a little extra cash!

This could be as simple as having your team bring in some homemade treats for a bake sale or if you want to generate even more excitement around your Cut-A-Thon, you could find another local business to partner with who agrees to provide food and beverages.

Hosting a Cut-A-Thon enhances your salon’s standing in the community, attracts new customers and helps to promote your business–it’s a triple threat!

Stay tuned for next week’s week blog to see which in-salon event we suggest you add to your calendar next!

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