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Welcome back!

We’re busy with booking this month here at Meet Your Stylist, and we’re so happy to have you along for the ride. We’re onto part two of this monthly mini-series—and we’re just getting get to the good stuff—so read on!

Last week I touched on including booking opportunities in your stylist bios. This is such a great way to promote booking and it keeps your clients from backtracking so that you never skip a beat, talk about a win-win! This week I want to dive into follow-up emails with your front desk team, or as I like to call them, the first impressions team.

Tip #2: Have Your Front Desk Team Follow-Up

Whether you’re capturing information via email marketing campaigns, social media contests or through your salon’s Meet Your Stylist survey, you’re likely generating some unique leads, so why aren’t you converting them into clients?

Regardless of the channel you’re using to capture information, you should always be looking for additional ways to engage with potential clients. Don’t let that valuable information go to waste!

A great way to make sure that you’re creating opportunities for additional engagement is to have your front desk team follow-up with each and every potential client. The key to follow-ups is creating a personalized message.

Potential clients, whether they’ve entered into drawings or have interacted with your brand online, are already one step closer to scheduling an appointment at your salon. To really seal the deal, your front desk team should be reaching out to each one of them individually.

Be sure to use their first names, and ask questions about what drew each of your potential clients to your salon. If it was one of Jessica’s stunning hair photos, see about getting them on her schedule. If a friend of theirs is constantly raving about your services, let them know about your amazing referral program.

Of course, one of the best times for a follow-up email is after a potential client takes your Meet Your Stylist Survey. If they haven’t already scheduled an appointment with one of their top matches, reach out to them with a couple of available appointment times that match their schedule preferences.

The beauty of Meet Your Stylist is that you already know so much about each potential client which makes it incredibly easy to craft a personalized message tailored to their needs. How could they say no to an appointment that was hand-selected just for them? They can’t!

We’re big on booking and retaining clients here at Meet Your Stylist, which is why we created this amazing marketing tool, and more importantly, why we decided to share it with all of you!

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