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In this industry, converting clients is the name of the game. So, this month we want to focus on booking and really dive into all of the small gestures that prompt our guests to get on the schedule.

Some of our clients regularly call the salon to schedule their next appointment, some are great about pre-booking, and others prefer to book online. With scheduling happening across so many different platforms, how can we best maximize our booking efforts?

We’re going spend the month sharing our favorite tips and tricks for converting clients and prompting people to book with you no matter the platform.

Tip #1: Include Booking in your Stylist’s Bios

I briefly touched on this little trick in our blog post about focusing on the path of least resistance when it comes to building your website. Now, I’d like to really dive into why you should be including booking opportunities below each of your stylist’s bios.

Did you know that the most visited page on your website is your salon’s team page? Of course, this kind of makes sense, because a potential client is looking to read up on each stylist before she decided who to schedule her next appointment with—right?

Perhaps a potential client is reading about one of your stylists, Rebecca. She sees that Rebecca is great at balayage, she loves short, trendy and edgy haircuts, and in her free time she likes to go hiking, kayaking, and spend time outdoors.

Well, our client has an outgrown textured bob, she’s looking to lighten her hair for the summer and she’s totally the outdoorsy type – all of her boxes are ticked and she’s ready to book, but where does she go?

We want all of our clients to be able to book the second they decide to check out the schedule. If they have to backtrack to find the link to your online booking system, you might lose them. So, we always want to keep booking top-of-mind, and you never know when that one stylist’s bio will seal the deal!

Want to Convert Even the Most Indecisive Clients?

Of course, there’s always that one client who simply can’t decide. Perhaps this client is feeling pretty confident about Rebecca, but Whitney’s bio also catches her eye. Whitney loves dogs, she’s great with highlights, and she slays the long bob. Your stylist’s bios are also a great place to include your link to your salon’s Meet Your Stylist survey!

With a little extra verbiage, something along the lines of: “Think Whitney might be your perfect match? Take a moment to fill out our Meet Your Stylist survey to see if Whitney is your salon soulmate!” you’ll be able to engage with even the most indecisive of clients – not to mention, you’re able to capture their information in order to carry out the conversation—talk about converting clients!

We’re big on booking and retaining clients here at Meet Your Stylist, which is why we created this amazing marketing tool, and more importantly, why we decided to share it with all of you!

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