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Welcome back!

We’re back with part three of our monthly mini-series, all about events and this week we want to cover salon staff events, because a staff that plays together, stays together

At the beginning of the month we discussed the opportunity to create some competition by hosting a Cut-A-Thon at your salon, last week we focused on loving on your clients with a client appreciation party, but this week it’s all about your employees!

Tip #3: A Staff That Plays Together Stays Together

Want to build some camaraderie amongst your teammates and foster a super positive in-salon culture? It’s time to get the gang together outside of work for an all-staff event!

Whether you own and operate a team-based salon or all of your employees are booth-renters, it’s important to get everyone together outside of work once in a while for some fun!

Not only can your clients can feel the energy that lives in your salon, but your employees deserve a little attention too. A staff party is the perfect way to bring everyone together and keep the positive vibes flowing. 

Get the Entire Gang Together Once in a While

You can put together a fun, celebratory staff event in a variety of ways and you could host something like this at your salon as often as you’d like. That being said, we recommend that you get the entire team together at least twice per year for a little fun. (Yes, I’m talking to you, multiple-location salon owners!)

So, for those big teams out there, your full-staff events might require some more formal planning. Maybe you put together a holiday party during winter and host a cookout in the summer months so that your staff can prepare for these events well in advance. 

Small Salon Groups Can Have a More Casual Get Together

Of course, if you’d like to break off into smaller groups for some immediate team building, that could be a bit more casual. 

This could mean each salon location schedules a time to get together quarterly for a fun night out on the town. Or you could break it up even further, maybe your front desk team meets for casual cocktails once a month at the end of the work week or your stylists schedule a hair-day at the salon to freshen up each other’s locks on a Sunday when you’d usually be closed. 

There are so many ways to celebrate your team and it’s important to encourage them to celebrate one another and to build that positive in-salon culture because everybody deserves to enjoy their workplace.

Stay tuned for next week’s week blog to see which in-salon event we suggest you add to your calendar next!

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