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Are you a salon owner on a mission to secure your stylists and build a loving and loyal salon team? Support their growth by investing in their education and they’ll be yours forever!

3 Ways to Invest In Your Team’s Education

Stylists stick around when they feel supported. As a salon owner, one of the best ways to show support to your team is to invest in their growth and development as hairdressers and as people.

Start an Education Fund for Your Stylists

In the beauty industry, we know that education is everything, so you should always be encouraging and supporting your stylists to get better. But, we also know that advanced education comes with a price tag—which is exactly why you need an education fund!

An education fund allows for a consistent and fair approach for each of your stylists to take advantage of advanced education opportunities.

Quick Tip: Not sure where to pull the funding from? Set it up so that each stylist’s retail sales goes directly into their education fund instead of their paychecks.

Not all investments have to be monetary. Having systems like these in place let your stylists know how much you value their growth, both personally and professionally. Not to mention, it’s gives that extra incentive to drive retail sales.

Bring Educators Into Your Salon

Another great way to invest in your team’s growth and development is to host advanced education at your own salon.

Pick a Sunday or Monday that you would usually have off and bring in that Insta-famous balayage specialist or that renown curly-cut educator for a special class. Stock up on snacks and refreshments and get your team fired up about this exclusive opportunity.

Your team will be so excited to host their favorite beauty industry professionals right there at their home base, and they’ll be able to enjoy some team-bonding in the process. It’s a win, win!

Sponsor Certification Classes and Other Learning Opportunities

Finally, an awesome way to support your stylists and reward them for their hard work is to treat them to a sponsored certification class or advanced educational opportunity on your dime.

Although it will certainly be a larger investment, it’s so awesome to be able to send your stylists on educational trips every once in a while.

Quick Tip: Can’t afford to send everyone? Turn it into a mini competition and sponsor the winner’s trip. Whoever gets the most referrals or positive Google reviews gets to go!

The best part? These sponsored trips truly pay for themselves. As your stylists grow and advance, they’ll begin to attract those high ticket clients and charge more for their new skills and services. The return on this kind of investment is priceless.

As a leader, if you invest in your team’s education, your stylists will be that much more motivated to say yes to the many amazing advanced educational opportunities that come their way. Not to mention, they’ll be that much more invested in you and your salon.

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