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In a recent blog post, I outlined three tips to help you improve your guest check-in experience at your salon. Now, I want to dedicate this post to helping you improve your guest checkout experience. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, the beauty industry is a part of the service industry. Providing our salon guests with amazing customer service is crucial to our success.

So, with that, here are three tips for improving your guest checkout experience.

1. Always pre-book.

One great habit when it comes to checking out guests is to always ask if they would like to book their next appointment. But remember, try to avoid asking a question with a yes or no answer. Instead, try phrasing it this way, “So I’ve noticed you like to come in on Tuesday afternoons, this seems to be a great day and time for you. I have an opening in eight weeks at this time, or the following week at this time – which one would you prefer for your root touch up?” This is an easy change to make but will have a huge impact!

It’s also a great goal to book more than one appointment at checkout. One tip I like to use is to remind my guests how booked their preferred stylist is becoming. I always have my front desk staff ask if they’d like to book through the next couple of months to secure a spot with their stylist at their preferred time. Creating a sense of urgency is a classic sales tool that still works!

2. Aim for an upsell.

Another goal your front desk should be striving for when checking out guests is to upsell, meaning offering a product or additional purchases to increase that sale. For example, if a guest is buying shampoo and conditioner, suggest they upgrade to the liter versions. Remind them that if they love this product, they will actually save more in the long run by buying in bulk.

If your client isn’t interested in buying product, maybe encourage them to join your VIP program. Or, ask if they have any special events coming up that would require a gift card for a friend or family member. There are many ways to offer an upsell to each client checking out.

3. Leave them with a positive experience.

The last tip I have is for when it comes time to hand over that credit card. Money is never a comfortable topic, even if your guest knows how much her appointment costs. After all, having great hair isn’t cheap. And when it comes time to pay, it can sometimes be uncomfortable, or leave your guests with a negative or guilty feeling if they spent a lot with you. One great way to end your guests’ experience a positive note is to literally give them a positive note.

Why do this? Well think about this. Have you ever bought an iPhone? They are expensive, but when you open the packaging, it’s so exciting. The experience Apple gives you makes you feel okay with the price you paid. You can offer the same experience to your guests!

Here’s an example. At my salon, Be Inspired Salon, after we’ve finished checking out a guest, we give them a printed card that has an inspirational, fun and loving quote on the inside. In fact, we have all of our stylists choose their favorite quotes and have them printed for our guests. After payment is received, we thank them for choosing Be Inspired Salon and hand them the card. We tell them we have a special message just for them and to save it for when they get home. Then our guests get to end their salon experience with some uplifting, inspirational words.

What can you do at your salon to go that extra mile and provide a great customer experience during checkout? We’d love to hear from you! Join our private Facebook group and share your thoughts!