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How it Works

Set-up & Launch is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.  A Step-by-Step Overview.

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Step 1: Sign Up Your Salon!

You sign up your salon for Meet Your Stylist, a custom survey link for your salon’s website that matches clients with your stylists.

You must have at least 4 stylists in order to join.

The sign up process is pretty intuitive and typically takes about 15 minutes. During the sign up process, you’ll create your own custom link.

An example

Be Inspired | Madison, WI
Magazine Solo

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

When your sign up is complete, you’ll set up your account. 

We’ll send you an email with reminders for next steps and a link to our Quick Start Guide that has logos and everything else you need to get started.

To your account, you’ll add:

  • Your salon’s logo
  • Link for online booking if applicable
  • Salon phone number
  • Salon Email Address
  • Social Media Links
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Add Your Stylists 

  • Once you add your stylists to your account, they’ll receive an email to set up their profile which will allow them to take their survey.
  • Once you have completed your account details and a minimum of 4 of your stylists have finished their surveys, your link will automatically go live!
Add Stylist
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Step 3: Promote Your Link + Gain More Clients

Here’s when it gets exciting!

You’ll add your custom Meet Your Stylist link to your website!

  • Feature it on your Stylists bio page
  • Place it on your Home page

Then – you’ll post about your exclusive survey on all your social media platforms (it costs nothing and everyone will be so fired to see you have this unique amenity!) And all of your stylists will want to share your posts as well!

Your matches will start to come in! You will receive email notifications that someone has matched with stylists at your salon! Of course, clients may call or book online right from your custom Meet Your Stylist link! Some clients will at first try your awesome survey and wait to book until they’re “due” for their next reservation. When you receive the match notification emails, you’ll see what services the client would like to have and also their preference for how they’d like you to reach out. Via phone or via email!

In your Starter Guide, we will give you additional tips and guidance on how to market Meet Your Stylist for your salon, including exact scripts you can use for various platforms and for reaching out to your matches.

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"Meet Your Stylist is great! It’s been easy for clients to go online and match with specific stylists for their specific needs. And we’ve had an influx in retention!”

Dani Everson – Owner | Clementine’s Salon, Denver, CO

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